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We Care

We care about our environment – fauna and flora.

We care about marine protection at 7SEAS Dive Gili

7Seas Dive Gili: We Care

At 7s we want to make sure that the oceans are healthy and beautiful for generations to come. It is important for us to make people aware about our commitment to marine life preservation and the need to protect our beautiful but fragile underwater fauna and flora. Therefore we dedicate our time and resources to a number of organizations (Project Aware, Sea Shepherd, and Longitude 181) and weekly activities (Dive Against Debris and beach clean up) that support this goal.

Marine conservation must be a priority when we enjoy the ocean and all of its creatures on a daily basis. We sincerely hope you can help us in our mission. Small actions can change the world, take part and change it with us!

Dive against the debris at 7SEAS Dive gili, Gili Air


For more than a year now, 7SEAS has offered a free weekly clean-up dive to all certified divers.

Beach Clean up at 7SEAS Dive Gili, diving protection in Gili Air


Every Saturday for more than 2 years, the dive staff at 7SEAS Dive Gili conducts a beach clean-up.

Project Aware Tshirt at 7SEAS Dive Gili, Gili Air


7SEAS, in cooperation with Project AWARE has designed a t-shirt for our weekly Dive Against Debris.

Sea Shepherd partner with 7SEAS Dive Gili


Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization.



The NGO Longitude 181 Nature gathers around 250 individual members and 150 dive centers around the world

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